Merak has added restake support for the validator, you can find the current active links in the validator page.

In short, restake, via the link provided, allows you, as delegator to autocompound the earnings from staking for free.

You can click on the icons in the networks field in the profile tab to select the validator in other networks where restaking is supported by the validator.

How it works?

Using AuthZ support in some chains, your wallet grants access to the validator to claim rewards in your name and delegate them again to the same validator, meaning that you don’t need to do that manually (and you don’t need to pay the fees for it, as those are paid by the validator itself).

The operation will run for each chain automatically, if the conditions for each delegator are satisfied, the script will autocompound the rewards, if not, it will wait until next execution.

Even if your network doesn’t yet support restaking, you can enable the authorization and once the network is upgraded, it will start working automatically for you, and in the meantime, use the interface to manually compound the rewards.

What do you get as delegator?

  • It’s automatic: For the period of the authorization, the validator will claim your rewards and restake to itself, no other permissions granted, you keep your funds.
  • The validator will cover the fees of the transactions… so no need to pay from your pocket
  • Relax and earn! Everything is done automatically by the validator itself.